Hair Washing Tips

Hello beautiful people, as we all love our hair but we still deal with same problem i.e. Hairfall. So I have come to your rescue, trust me this is an awesome tip to wash you hair which leads to less hairfall and its tried and executed. 🙂

Note – Even guys can try this, trust me I am not gender biased 😛

Don’t worry I will clarify the steps with basic logic (not biological lol).

I also call it “Reverse Washing” 😛

Steps for Reverse Washing

  1. Wet your beautiful hair
  2. Apply your favorite conditioner first, including the roots! (yes you read it correctly conditioner first)
  3. Wait for a min or two
  4. Very important Note “Do not wash your hair now”
  5. Directly apply your favorite shampoo like you already do
  6. Now you can wash your hair completely
Drying Tips
Do not rub your towel on your hair, just press it on your hair so that it can absorb the extra water and let your hair air dry.
Combing tips
Never comb wet hair, if its highly essential i.e. you need to be somewhere, then let your fingers gently gather a few of them and clutch/pin them.
Just try this, I am positive you will thank me (for doing that do let me know in the comments below or on twitter)
  • Nowadays all shampoos contain chemicals , applying a conditioner before shampoo prevents the chemicals in the shampoo to directly attack your hair or scalp.
  • Conditioner conditions your hair, so its kind of conditioning your scalp and hair before applying shampoo.
  • By trying this I have found out that my hair feel more softer, more shiny and have less hairfall.
So, take care!

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Keep Chuckling!
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